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Conserns or complaints

Harmony Alternative Education Ltd - Complaints Proceedure

All complaints will be handled sensitively and most concerns can be dealt with by talking directly to your child’s key worker.

If this is not possible for any reason then speak to one of the Principal Harmony Consultants or follow the steps below.

If your complaint is about The Harmony Education Centre or services provided by them, please follow Step 1 below and contact the Principal Harmony Consultants - The Principals are:- Sarah Baker or Victoria Balls.

If your complaint is about a  Principal Consultants please go directly to Step 2 below and contact you local education authority.

Step 1 - If you make a complaint, the Principal Consultants will investigate it and contact you with a reply.

Step 2 - If you are unhappy with the way the Principal Consultants have dealt with your complaint or if your complaint is about the Principal Consultants, you should contact your local education authority for advice.

Step 3 - If you are unhappy with the way the local education authority dealt with your complaint, you will need to send your complaint to the Secretary of State for Education.

Secretary of State for Education - Making a complaint to the Department for Education should only happen after exhausting the other routes detailed above. The exception to this may include such matters as child protection, or where a child is missing education.

Legal advice - You can get free legal advice on matters relating to children’s education from your local Citizens Advice Bureau


Education Centre,
First Floor, 4, Cordwallis Street
Berkshire, SL6 7BE
(Visit by appointment only)

The Admin Centre, Wiltshire
does  not accept visitors.
Please phone or email.


Phone: Education Centre:
+44(0) 1628 788314

Phone: Admin:
+44 (0) 1249 890789

When Contacting Harmony please be prepared to to leave a message:-  Name, Number and Brief Message