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Vision & Ethos

Providing a positive, attractive and personalised learning environment, for all students to achieve success.

Harmony’s vision is of an environment providing a combination of flexible, structured learning environments and high quality specialist multi-agency provision. It will provide a positive, attractive and personalised learning environment, for all students to achieve success.

This environment will enable staff to develop individualised learning programmes and deliver an exciting and innovative curriculum which meets the needs of all students, in order to build self confidence, self esteem and life skills.

The Centre will work collaboratively with schools and families in a variety of authorities to ensure that all students are provided with appropriate and challenging pathways. This will provide for progression throughout and beyond their school years, including the preparation for work and lifelong learning.

Harmony aims to be a centre of excellence in its field which will enable our students to improve their performance, attainment and attendance in a mainstream environment wherever possible. Through giving them the small group, short term support we will aim to encourage their independence. Harmony will deliver and support early intervention of students that potentially could need our additional support in the near future.

The Harmony support programme focuses on providing a high quality environment that will enable the delivery of the following aims:

* To promote an ethos of high expectations that will raise       achievement of all.
* To offer a curriculum that is relevant for each individual in order to meet their needs appropriately.
* To equip students with skills and qualifications for life.
* To encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for others within a welcoming, stimulating and safe environment

When students move on from Harmony, we hope to have empowered them with the following values:

* Respect (for others as well as for themselves).
* Worthiness (for others as well as for themselves)
* Integrity
* Pride
* Morality.

This vision will only be achieved through collaboration and partnership with all members of the school community, parents and families, schools and other multi-agency professionals.


Education Centre,
First Floor, 4, Cordwallis Street
Berkshire, SL6 7BE
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The Admin Centre, Wiltshire
does  not accept visitors.
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Phone: Education Centre:
+44(0) 1628 788314

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