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Below are a selection of Testimonials which have been received by Harmony Alternative Education Ltd.

"Harmony was perfect for our son, who is not able to access mainstream provision. He gained the confidence both to advance in his studies and to form good peer friendships. As well as excellent teaching, Harmony provided an environment in which he felt safe, accepted and able to connect with others. I couldn’t be happier with the experience he had at Harmony."

by a Mother of 12 a year old male pupil who wished to remain anonymous.

"I can't thank Harmony and the team enough for all their help and support for my son. The environment they create is comfortable and balances educational and emotional needs very well. Harmony's flexibility and support was exceptional and made a significant difference to my stress levels and enabled my son to sit all of his GCSE's."

by a Mother of year 11 child.

"I have been attending Harmony for 5 months after being permanently excluded from a local school. I am in year 11 currently sitting my GCSE examinations. After being excluded, I lost the structure and stability of a normal school routine. Since I have been attending Harmony, the specialist tutors have ensured there is minimal disruption to my learning.

Since my exclusion, there has been a long period of reflection. I have come to terms with the fact that my behaviour was not always acceptable. I am now proud of the way I conduct myself as I've invested a lot of time into changing my behaviour.

Throughout this process I have had the full support of Harmony. The genuine care and support has ensured that my time at Harmony has been structured and successful. Sarah Baker and Victoria Balls are a credit to Harmony and I am grateful for the their support and guidance through this difficult situation. I feel prepared for my GCSE's and I hope the hard work pays off in the summer.

I am excited to attend college in September to study English Literature, Psychology and Geography. This situation has opened up possible career paths and aspirations for me. I aspire to attend university after my A-Levels to study a degree in Law."

Murcia HV

"We engaged Victoria to help our adopted daughter deal with the transition to a new school together with all the challenges that brings.

Victoria was knowledable, engaged and had real empathy with us and our daughter. She supported us, our daughter and the school a great deal at a difficult time."

The "H" family - An adopted daughter's transition to a new school.

"My wife and I were introduced to Victoria early this year as we were looking for home schooling and support
for our daughter (15yr old at the time).

Over the past nine months I have seen my daughters confidence grow, not just relating to education but also socially.

My daughter had been unable to attend school for quite some time for various reasons, she is now 16yrs old and has
been accepted and started college in September.

Victoria applied to colleges on my daughter's behalf and attended the interview with her. I accredit Victoria with all
that my daughter has achieved so far this year and I have no doubt that without her help we would not be where we
are now.

My daughter continues to see Victoria on a weekly basis which is continuing to reinforce her growing confidence in
dealing with life and preparing her for her English and Maths GCSE's.

Thank you so much Victoria."

The "G" Family - Home schooling and general support.

"Molly has seen Sarah Baker for a few reasons; she has learning difficulties, suffers from anxiety and has a tendency to worry a lot . She has some specific behavioural traits and problems with her social skills. The sessions are about 30 minutes long and they are one to one.  Sarah sometimes reads a story and they have a chat about what’s been going on in the past week, going over Molly’s positive and negative experiences and how she’s been dealing with those experiences. After their session I join them for about 15 minutes and we all have a chat together and they tell me what they’ve been talking about. We’ve really noticed a lot of the things that Molly says and does have improved, and a big thing has been the social impact of having someone come to see her. Sarah is very friendly and personable and Molly who’s usually very wary of people took to her very quickly. The whole set up is very simple and easy and Sarah is always flexible. "

Karen, Mum to Molly (10), Hampshire

"Sarah from Harmony Child Behaviour Consultancy and Home Schooling has been working with my daughter for a few weeks now and things are looking up. My daughter is usually very anxious about new people but she was talking to Sarah within minutes and was at ease with her and happy to talk by the end of the first session. Understandably these things take time, but the techniques suggested have already shown an improvement in my daughters behaviour and we are looking forward to our next session. Thank you Sarah :-)

Paula Ball, Bramley - said to Sarah Baker after helping daughter with anxiety

"My daughter has been seeing Sarah Baker mainly because of issues to do with anxiety and learning coping strategies to do with that. Alongside working with my daughter, Sarah has also worked with me to help me better understand the ways I can help at home. She has also been coordinating with my daughter’s school so they’ve been able to communicate professional to professional about the best way to help her. Sarah will also be going in to do some sessions with the teachers there. The first session with Sarah my daughter wasn’t very trusting so Sarah worked on building that relationship, they spent time together and did crafts, that sort of thing. Generally I’m not there as it seems to work better that way. Now, they use visual aids and talk about what makes my daughter happy and unhappy. She’s now much more aware of her anxiety. I really feel Sarah’s there when I need her any time of day, she’s really helped to reassure me. "

Sarah, Mum to a daughter aged 8, Camberley

"I just wanted to say that I am so relieved that we discovered harmony.  My daughter had been struggling to access mainstream education due to severe anxiety and complex needs for quite some time.  

Since starting Harmony her anxiety levels have decreased, her confidence has increased and she is eager to attend school again.  It is such a relief for us to know that she is in such a caring and therapeutic  environment.

The staff are all amazing and take the time to understand the individual child and the difficulties they face.  

My daughter’s sense of self esteem and well being has increased throughout her time at harmony. Thank you so much for all your help and ongoing support. "

Lee, Mum 

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