Harmony Education Centre
Child Behaviour and Alternative Education Services delivered by experienced, professional teachers.
Currently, The Harmony Centre is a short stay provision.

Terms Dates

Harmony AE Term Dates 2020-2021
Autumn Term - 2020

Tuesday 8th September to Friday 23rd October

1/2 Term hol

Monday 26th to Friday 31st October HALF TERM

Autumn Term 2

Monday 2nd November to Wednesday 16th December

Christmas hol

 Thursday 17th December to Wednesday 6th January 2021 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY

Spring Term 1 - 2021

Thursday 7th January to Friday 12th February

1/2 term hol

Monday 15th to Friday 19th February HALF TERM

Spring Term 2

Monday 22nd February to Thursday 1st April

Spring hol

Monday 5th to Friday 16th April EASTER HOLIDAYS

Summer Term 1

Monday 19th April to Friday 28th May

1/2 term hol

Monday 31st to Friday 4th June HALF TERM

Summer Term 2

Monday 7th June to Friday 16th July

Education Centre,
First Floor, 4, Cordwallis Street
Berkshire, SL6 7BE
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Education Centre: +44(0)1628 788314

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