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Currently, The Harmony Centre is a short stay provision.


Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties - complex and chronic difficulties experienced by many children and young people.
Social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs are a type of special educational needs in which children/young people have severe difficulties in managing their emotions and behaviour. They often show inappropriate responses and feelings to situations.

The special education needs (SEN) code of practice describes SEMH as a learning difficulty where children and young people demonstrate features of emotional and behavioural difficulties such as:

· Being withdrawn or isolated
· Being hyperactive, impulsive and lacking concentration
· Having immature social skills
· Displaying a disruptive and disturbing nature
· Presenting complex behaviours arising from other complex special needs

SEMH covers a wide range of special educational needs. This includes children and young people with emotional disorders and conduct disorders/hyper-kinetic disorders - including attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD).

SEMH also covers children and young people whose behavioural difficulties may be less obvious. For example - those with anxiety, who self-harm, have school phobia or depression and those whose behaviour or emotional well-being are seen to be deteriorating. Harmony can offer a full range of support services to assist parents, carers and the children/young people concerned.

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