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Privacy Policy

Harmony Alternative Education Ltd.

Definition of terms in this Policy

Harmony Alternative Education Ltd is referred to as "Harmony".

The customer or client instructing and in receipt of the Harmony's Services is referred to as "the Client".

The person performing the Services on behalf of Harmony is referred to as "the Consultant" .

The advice, performed activities and written documentation presented by Harmony and / or the Consultant on behalf of Harmony including any additional services at the request of the Client in connection with the child or young person is referred to as "Agreed Services".

The existence of the child's and /or young person's circumstances in respect of the details referred to HCBC is referred to as the "case".

The law by which these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and acted shall be the Law of
England and Wales.

Recorded notes and other information and/or documentation concerning the child or young person to which the case and / or agreed services apply shall be referred to as the “information”.

Details of Policy
It is hereby irrevocably confirmed by Harmony that all information pertaining to their client's and their family members and/or any other child and/or young person in the clients formal care will be regarded as strictly confidential. Harmony respect their Client's confidentiality in all cases and, save for exceptions detailed in the clauses below and /or in respect of any situation required to satisfy the law, will not divulge information pertaining to any case or Client to a third party and/or person.

1 - Harmony advise that due to the nature of their business, they will, during the course of executing any agreed services on behalf the Client, record notes and may collect and/or request other information and/or documentation concerning the child or young person to which the case and/or agreed services apply.

2 - Harmony hereby advise that any information collected by them concerning a client’s case may be temporarily stored in the form of hard copy notes and/or permanently stored electronically on a security locked portable computer, hard disc or other similar electronic device specifically intended for the use of storing information electronically.

3 - Harmony hereby advise that any information collected by them concerning a client's case may, in compliance with the law, be shared in a strictly controlled manner with official third parties and/or authorities if, in the opinion of Harmony or their nominated consultant, it is considered to be in the best interest of the child or young person to which the case applies.

4 - Harmony hereby confirms that all information obtained by them in connection with the client’s case will be stored in a secure manner either within a locked case when in transit and/or in a locked cabinet specifically designed for document storage and/or on an electronic recording device which will be secured by an appropriately devised password on a protection system commensurate with the type usually found on computer systems and similar electronic storage devices.

5 - Harmony hereby confirm that no person employed by them or their appointed agents will have access to information or to sources (i.e. keys, password, codes, etc) to gain access to the information save for those that specifically require access to enable them to perform their appointed tasks on behalf of Harmony and their Client for the Client's case.

6 - Harmony hereby confirm that information is intended to be stored after conclusion of the case and the client must request that any such information pertaining to the case is deleted if this is desired. Harmony further confirm that any such information being retained after conclusion of the case will only be stored on a secure computer system for future appropriate access in a confidential manner associated with the original case or extension thereof..
©Harmony 2014 Revision 2 - to recognise Harmony Alternative Education Ltd. becoming a registered Limited Company in November 2017. This revision to these Terms shall not relieve Harmony or any Client of Harmony of their responsibilites under any related contract arrising from Harmony's term as a registered Limited Liability Partnership.


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