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Currently, The Harmony Centre is a short stay provision.


Raising an infant, child or teenager can be an
overwhelming task.
Raising an infant, child or teenager can be an overwhelming task. Although babies may look straight forward, infants require a significant level of attention and care in order to grow up into a healthy person. On top of the day-to-day needs that young infants and children have, each child has their own unique personality. It is the parent’s task to work with and support each child and the unique personality of that child, to develop appropriate behaviours and social skills, learn life skills, and create healthy relationships.

Although parenting can be difficult at times, many parents report that raising their child(ren) was the most rewarding aspect of their adult life. However, parents do not have all the answers. Sometimes their own childhood experiences have left them with confused understanding of some parenting areas (i.e. growing up in a volatile home, living through a difficult divorce, having ill or unavailable parents, living with addiction, etc).

Sometimes parents are simply facing issues with their child that they do not know how to handle; a toddler who refuses to be toilet trained or go to bed, a teen who gets bullied during an extra curricular club, a son or daughter who refuses to attend School. In many cases these issues can be often resolved with the right guidance and support.

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