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The exact mix of services can be formulated to
support precise circumstances.

Providing and managing the special needs of children and young people with behavioural and/or educational special needs is a complex and demanding task. It is very difficult, if not impossible for these situations to be adiquately catered for in the conventional classroom. It is also very difficult for a teacher, however experienced, that is faced with these circumstances, to be able to provide all the essential requirements that special needs demand. Extensive training, resources and experience all form part of the essential tools required to teach and support pupils in these situations by way of their very nature.

The highly trained and experienced team at Harmony Alternative Education Ltd has been specially created to offer a precise and very special range of tailored services that are essential in any given set of circumstances. The exact mix of services can be formulated to support precise situations. Furthermore, the services are delivered at our fully purposed Education Centre. This provides the pupils with the stable environment and understanding that is essential to help them move forward and fully contibute to and enjoy later life.

Please talk to us about your circumstances and needs. Contact us and we will arrange with you to discuss your requirments and offer solutions tailored to your support and educational needs.



Education Centre,
First Floor, 4, Cordwallis Street
Berkshire, SL6 7BE
(Visit by appointment only)

The Admin Centre, Wiltshire
does  not accept visitors.
Please phone or email.


Phone: Education Centre:
+44(0) 1628 788314

Phone: Admin:
+44 (0) 1249 890789

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