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Description: More cost effective fee strucure
Daily Fees replaced with Session Fees
Created by: trevorm
Last modified: 2022-03-01 14:39:24
As of September 2021, Harmony Education Centre replaced half day and daily fees with Session Fees. 

The new Session Fees better suit clients who wish to refer pupils to The Harmony Education Centre for specific educational needs. This benefits pupils as they do not now need to attend the Centre for a whole morning or day in order to benefit from specific Education Centre services. This not only allows the pupil to enjoy additional education persuits elsewhere but also provides our clients with a more cost effective service from The Harmony Education Centre.

There is no increase in cost to new or existing clients by the introduction of Session Fees. Session Fees merely enable a pupil to attend for the direct cost associated with the actual desired educational service(s). This results in increased efficient use of a pupil's time and The Harmony Eucation Centre's resources. Moreso, it provides further opportunities to clients to refer addional pupils without increasing cost, maximising use of client's education funding resources.

A day at the Centre is typically divided into 4 sessions and a given pupil's Education Plan at The Harmony Education Centre can include a flexible number of Sessions from 1 - 4 per day for a flexible number of the Centre's four and a half operating days per week.  This provides the maximum benefit to the pupil from the hours permitted in Alternative Education by government. 
For more information about Special Needs Education Sessions at The Harmony Education Centre, please contact: 

Primary Principal, Sarah Baker 
Secondary Principal, Victoria Balls. 

Contact details for both Principals are on the Contact page of this Web site. Contact

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