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Currently, The Harmony Centre is a short stay provision.

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Description: A brief Introduction
Harmony Messages + More
Created by: trevorm
Last modified: 2022-08-08 09:27:13

NEW! Welcome to Harmony Messages + More. 

Harmony "Messages + More" is a new area of our Web site where content will be designed and created  by the Harmony Education Centre. Created by teachers, consultants and pupils, the content reflects daily life at the Education Centre and is also the "go to" place for notices about the Centre that parents and referrers alike should look for details about The Education Centre.

The Contents are managed by the Centre Staff using a Content Management System (CMS), which allows the content to be designed and created online and immediately published on the Web Site without action from the IT department or anyone else.

This activity encourages the pupils to join in the content preparation and the excitement of directly creating and publishing content to the Internet. This would otherwise be a complex and potentially exclusive activity preventing some of the pupils from engaging in this important method of communication.

Of course, the teachers find the CMS eminently useful to publish notices to pupils, parents, clients and other parties with minimal delay, making it an effective and efficient method of communication to all.



Trevor Money (HTTPS://www.harmonycbc.co.uk) said, at 2022-04-25 15:14:00:
There is a new Secure Help System operating though an Email-like platform which also allows reaccess of previous messages/conversations. This is a much easier system than the earlier version.

The new system is in partnership with NG Desk Help Platform, which provides full online secure conversations bwteen selected parties with out sharing with other personnel or clients.

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