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Home Schooling

When you choose to educate your child at home.
Home schooling is when you choose to educate your child at home. It is legal within the UK and you donít need to be a qualified teacher to do so.

Children who are home schooled receive all their education from their parents or carers, sometimes with the help of outside tutors or other advisory bodies. If you decide to home school your child you don't have to follow formal rules about how you teach or when you teach. You also donít have to cover the National Curriculum although many parents choose to do so as a guide. Harmony can offer a full range of support services to assist those who have elected to home school.

People choose to home educate for a variety of reasons Ė Some may have philosophical or religious reasons for this or they may have been home educated themselves. However, more commonly a child may start off in school but later be taken out and home schooled. The reasons for this are numerous - a child may have special needs, be unhappy at school or the parent may simply want to provide opportunities different from those provided in the mainstream schools. Sometimes parents feel that the methods of teaching in school aren't right for their child and that they want to provide a better education for them within the home environment.

In the current climate, many parents opt to home school their child if they cannot get into the school that was their first choice. In this case, home schooling is often a temporary solution whilst an appeal is made to the Local Education Authority.

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